Internal Regulations

Below, you can consult the Handbook provided by the University of los Andes to regulate the actions related to the Processing of Personal Data and the procedures that support the institutional activities to ensure that personal data collected within the framework of the different academic, research and administrative activities will be used for the direct and indirect purposes related to the object and purposes of the University.
Personal data processing policy handbook
This Manual defines the actions and measures that must be taken to ensure compliance with rights such as Habeas Data, privacy, intimacy, good name, image and university autonomy, helping to ensure that all actions are governed by principles of good faith, legality, information self-determination, freedom and transparency.
Below is the link where you can consult the University's Personal Data Protection Policy Manual.
Internal Procedures
The procedures defined at the Institutional level define the activities that must be carried out to guarantee compliance with the different regulatory provisions defined in relation to the protection of personal data at the University:
  • Processing of personal data of the University of los Andes
  • Management of control affectations of the databases reported to the SIC
  • Information Update in the RNBD
  • Management of requests of personal data
  • Update of claims in the RNBD
  • Requests for access to personal data
  • Validation before processing provided data
This is the link in which you can consult the internal procedures stated above: